VS2012 调试时 加载DLL符号慢 解决方法

1.验证您没有指定任何网络共享下的工具-> 选项-> 调试-> 符号,尤其是到了不存在的服务器。这将要求超时。
2.验证并检查 _NT_SYMBOL_PATH 或 _NT_ALT_SYMBOL_PATH 作为上文指出的 cg60611 设置为网络共享。
3.指定本地缓存符号在工具-> 选项-> 调试-> 符号。后一旦从网络共享中,您可以禁用这些地点,您已下载的符号。符号加载后的首次尝试会快得多。
5.VS 2008 SP1 在这一领域取得了一些改进。它允许取消加载的符号,它发生了。这将允许您获取到您要快得多的调试会话。注意这是目前在 beta 版中。

You can speed up loading of symbols by doing the following:

  1. Verify that you haven't specified any network shares under Tools->Options->Debugging->Symbols especially to server that do not exist anymore. This will require timeouts.
  2. Verify and check that _NT_SYMBOL_PATH or _NT_ALT_SYMBOL_PATH is set to network shares as cg60611 pointed out above.
  3. Specify a local cache for symbols in Tools->Options->Debugging->Symbols. After you have downloaded symbols once from network shares you can disable those locations. Symbol loading will go a lot faster after the first attempt.
  4. Do not specify any symbol lookup paths at all eithe in environment variable and specify paths in the options page but specify that they be used for manual loading. You can then manually load symbols for modules you care about either via the context menu in callstack or the modules window.
  5. VS 2008 SP1 has made a few improvements in this area. It allows for cancelling loading of symbols as it is happening. This will allow you to get to your debug session much faster. Note that this is currently in Beta.
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